The world premiere of film #14 from Sacramento, CA based Desperate Visions Productions and Jason Rudy. 

Lady Hyde tells the story of Jane Graham, wife of Dr. Jerry Graham. Dr. Graham develops a vaccine formula and takes it before the board for review. He is rejected by the board, and his notes, vaccine and lab are destroyed by the fellow group of ruthless doctors and scientists. He has a mental breakdown, and Jane tries to help her husband recover, but when he takes his own life, Jane snaps. Jane reverts back to her old killing ways and seeks retribution for her husband's death. LADY HYDE is a film made in the style of Jason Rudy, mixed with Jess Franco and the wild and wonderful world of cult films.

Director: Jason Rudy

Starring: Liz Clare, Marylin Monroach and Bob Moricz.

Runtime: 78 min. 

Thursday, July 21

Sunday, July 24