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Shot for $2000 on video by “James Dillinger” (aka author James Robert Baker) and produced by Los Angeles art collective EZTV, BLONDE DEATH is a savage blast of underground anarchy. The story follows the transformation of Tammy Lynn Beaverdorf (Sara Lee Wade) from bubbly teen to death-tripping speed freak—an in-your-face rampage of sex, drugs, and violence that climaxes with scenes that were secretly filmed inside Disneyland. Satiric, subversive, and gleefully enraged, BLONDE DEATH is an essential chapter of queer cinema history.

Thursday, June 13

Director: James Robert Baker

Starring: Sara Lee Wade, Jack Catalano, Scott Ingram

Runtime: 93 min., USA

Language: English



With Teorema, a coolly cryptic exploration of bourgeois spiritual emptiness, Pier Paolo Pasolini moved beyond the poetic, proletarian earthiness that first won him renown. Terence Stamp stars as the mysterious stranger—perhaps an angel, perhaps a devil—who, one by one, seduces the members of a wealthy Milanese family (including European cinema icons Silvana Mangano, Massimo Girotti, Laura Betti, and Anne Wiazemsky), precipitating an existential crisis in each of their lives. Unfolding nearly wordlessly, this tantalizing metaphysical riddle—blocked from exhibition by the Catholic Church for degeneracy—is at once a blistering Marxist treatise on sex, religion, and art and a primal scream into the void.

Sunday, June 16

Director: Pier Paulo Pasolini

Starring: Terence Stamp, Silvana Mangano, Massimo Girotti. 

Runtime: 98 min., Italy

Language: Italian w/ English subtitles

But I'm a Cheerleader

Director: Jamie Babbit

Starring: Natasha Lyonne, Clea Duvall, RuPaul, Cathy Moriarty

Runtime: 85 min., USA

Language: English


Natasha Lyonne is the bubbly, wide-eyed, all-American cheerleader whose pious parents (Bud Cort and John Waters regular Mink Stole), suspecting that she’s a lesbian (see: vegetarianism, Melissa Etheridge poster), send her off to a conversion camp. Under the direction of Cathy Moriarty and her saved ex-gay assistant RuPaul Charles, the teens (including Melanie Lynskey) are forced to overcome their homosexual desires, then deconstruct their identities, performing tasks relegated as “feminine” (scrubbing floors) or “masculine” (chopping wood), donned in high-camp, monotone, cotton candy pink or blue, until they can identify the “root” of their homosexuality. But when Lyonne meets bad girl Clea DuVall, she is suddenly awakened to her own desire.

Thursday, June 20

Saturday, June 22


Director: Gregg Araki

Starring: James Duval, Susan Behshid, Jenee Gill

Runtime: 78 min., USA

Language: English


In his fourth feature, TOTALLY F***ED UP, provocative and talented independent filmmaker Gregg Araki delves into the troubled world of gay teenagers. Araki here addresses the disproportionately high suicide rate among gay teens.

Principal among six friends, two of them a solid good-humored lesbian couple (Susan Behshid, Jenee Gill), is the lonely Andy (James Duval), an appealing youth with a James Dean look and vulnerability, who doesn’t believe love exists – until he’s swept off his feet by the handsome, slightly older but vastly more experienced lan (Alan Boyce).

Meanwhile, Andy’s pals Steven (Gilbert Luna), an aspiring filmmaker, and his lover Deric (Lance May) soon experience a crisis in their relationship when Steven strays, trying to blame it on the fact that the new guy in his life just happened to have a bootleg Nine Inch Nails tape to tempt him with. Rounding out the group is easygoing skater dude Tommy (Roko Belic).
Araki effectively punctuates his story with quotes in the manner of one of his acknowledged idols, Jean- Luc Godard, and probing interviews with Steven, who’s always poking a camcorder in his friends’ faces.

Friday, June 21

Wednesday, June 26

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